Hans Gomez - President & CEO

Hans Gomez is founder, President & CEO of TripleNet Technologies, Inc., a certified Minority Business Enterprise with the State of Washington and DBE with the Federal Department of Transportation. TripleNet Technologies, Inc. has been helping select clients since 1997. Client firms range from Fortune 100 companies to new ventures and privately held firms. Hans Gomez founded his company in the belief that technology solutions are only successful when they are aligned with the business needs of the organization.

TripleNet focuses on temporary staffing, technology management, and IT consulting.

With more than 14 years in the technology field, Hans Gomez has been responsible for a host of projects ranging from software development, IT Strategy & Architecture, IT Infrastructure, HR System Analysis, RUP implementation, CRM development, and internet based applications to name a few. Hans Gomez helped several companies, including America Online and Adobe Systems, understand the early implications of the internet. At Adobe Systems, Hans led the development of first generation Sales Order Tracking Systems, Intranet/Extranet, and Web based collaborative content distribution systems. His experience and insight were noted in Craig Settle’s book “CyberMarketing Success for the 90’s”. Before starting TripleNet Technologies Hans Gomez worked at Adobe Systems as a Senior Systems Analyst providing guidance and design on world wide system implementation for customer service, technical support, marketing, and sales departments. It is his philosophy that the business context drives the technology implementation, this has allowed him to strategically respond to the ever changing business and technology landscape with very successful project implementations. His focus on the customer has been touted in the most successful merger in history, that of Aldus and Adobe which created the 2nd largest software company in the world, Hans led the system integration of the customer service, technical support departments for both companies.

Hans started his career as a technical support representative at Aldus supporting PageMaker 3.0. Within 6 months Hans was responsible for the Technical Support Network, Online Services, and Voice Response Systems. His responsibilities grew to world wide management of customer service and technical support systems that included the implementation of service support systems in Europe, Japan, and the Far East . Hans’ unique customer focused role at Adobe allowed him to lead his group to do early internet research and application development before the internet became a phenomenon. His internet insight allowed him to be a consultant to the executive team on direction and implications of the internet. Hans went on to form TripleNet and provide not only web devlopment services but also management consulting services to clients including Microsoft, Visio, Adobe Systems, Swedish Cancer Research Group, ImageX (Fedex).

TripleNet has had a very successful track record in completing high risk projects ranging from developing Microsoft’s Succession Planning Web based Application with early Microsoft internet technologies to implementing state of the art data centers with a 6 week implementation window. Hans has also been a valuable resource to companies like ImageX as a member of their Architect team in implementing RUP and their Project Office.

Hans Gomez graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Math and Computer Science. His business and systems training allows him to quickly grasp the big picture and anticipate the associated technology risks. This skill was recognized by the Adobe System’s executive team in 1997 by identifying Hans as a key individual to Adobe’s success.

Hans through out his career, has sought out to have diversity in the work place reflect the local community. At Aldus, Hans requested that diversity be added to the employee population while proceeding to seek out minority and woman candidates for internship opportunities.

TripleNet has found that small,woman and minority owned businesses providers are invaluable in delivering a higher quality product and service. This diversity is also key in promoting the well being of the local communities. To that end, TripleNet embraces and seeks small, minority and woman owned business from which to build a strong local business network of talented companies and individuals.

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